What Topic?

Is getting married one of your goals in life? Do you ever ask yourself, “Is it really worth getting married?”

Honestly, I love it. Being married is so wonderful, like I’m going to be with this man forever and we’re going to grow old together and watch each other get old and grow into the people we are meant to be, like how awesome it that! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I guess what i’m trying to say is that marriage is a beautiful thing and it shouldn’t be looked down on.

I hear all kinds of things that people say about marriage and it really saddens me. Why look at marriage as a horrible thing? Just because you don’t want to have a life long commitment with someone doesn’t mean that marriage is bad, or the fact that your parents, grandparents, or relatives had a bad one doesn’t mean that your going to have a bad one. My father divorced twice and you don’t see me looking down on marriage, if anything he made me realize what not to do in a marriage. However, marriage isn’t always wonderful.. There will be phases when you both will be tired of each other and just want your own space and that’s completely fine.

Now a days people think that wanting to be alone for a day is so bad. Like no girl, we all need a day for ourselves, especially if you had kids. Same with men, they all need their alone time to go out with their friends or siblings and that is absolutely okay. Marriage shouldn’t feel like you are trapped, it should feel normal and happy. Let me tell you a story, hopefully you wont get bored but if you do well i’m sorry. OK, so my husband went to Man Camp with his church for a weekend and I felt like FINALLY, some alone time, hah.. Well I went to my moms and my aunts just to hang out and have my alone time after so many months of not having one but a few hours passed by and I absolutely missed my husband, I had no idea what to do with myself. I started crying because I wanted him back, and right that second I realized what I was taking for granted. I complained constantly how I can never go out and see MY family, well I had a whole weekend to do that and I loved seeing them but I just wanted to go home to my husband. I missed him so much. LESSON LEARNED!

What i’m trying to say is that no one can really answer that question for you, only you can answer that question. Some people are different and love being by themselves and still have mad love for their partner, but me.. no.. I can’t go a day without him. My alone time is getting my nails or hair done, like that’s all I need. Just an hour or two. Take a hot bath and listen to your favorite Pandora stations! Omg I think I want to do that now! To bad I don’t have soap that makes bubbles and a glass of wine. 😦 A hot bath always makes everything better. Anyways, on to the next topic or paragraph, whateverrr.

Oh yeah! I also want to share my view on this certain thing with you guys, I feel like people GIVE UP so easily in relationships. Some couples break up and make up, well when your married you can’t do that. YOU need to talk it out and if it takes an hour for you to calm down and talk about it than that’s fine not everything has to be solved right that second. My mind is set where I want to be married forever and I am not going to give up on this man, NEVER, so divorce never comes into my mind only the fact that I want to kick hiss ass, but i just pray to god to give me strength to deal with him ahah, Anyways, EVERYTHING can be fixed, but YOU have to want to fix it. YES, that does mean you have to swallow your damn pride and work your shit out! OMG, I know, I cussed but whatevs. STOP giving up on the one you love so easily because of your pride or because you can’t show how your really feeling, stop being a little high schooler, grow some balls and you let your partner know what your feeling and what bothers you and FIX YOUR damn problems.

I know i know, it seems as if i am stating this to someone, and you’re right, I am. I am stating that to you. The person that has so much pride that you cant show your true feelings, well NEWSFLASH, maybe that’s why your so unhappy? because people can’t read your damn mind honey. Life is so short, why hold grudges? ugh, I don’t even want to go into that topic right now. I am already getting a little fired up.

This post seems like it has so many different topics it’s kind of ridiculous, I am just typing what comes to my head and that’s what this blog is about, EXPRESSING my thoughts. (HINT: thats why my title is called “What Topic?”) I started with marriage and ended with pride. LOL. Don’t expect to come here and read a perfect paper because your not. I have so many more conversations I want to post about but this will be all for now! Stay tuned for even more tomorrow, maybe i’ll talk about how I got to where I am today, or maybe it will be about politics, the weather, or maybe it will be about a million different things. WHO KNOWS. SEE YAAAA!!

-xoxo, thanks for reading!


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