Love. Isn’t it beautiful? hmm.. What is Love? Is it more important than your dreams?

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Love is something that no one can explain. However, to me Love is something special and when it’s real you can truly feel it in your heart. When you look at the one you love you can emotionally, physically, mentally just feel the love you have for him/her. When I look at my husband I get so lost or when he’s just being funny I can’t help but laugh at the things he does or says even if they’re not funny to anyone else.

You might have heard this quote before, “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” -A Walk To Remember (Nicholas Sparks)

That quote makes complete sense to me because it’s true. You can truly feel the love you have for your partner. You get so lost when your with them and you can’t do nothing but think about the future and what it has in store, you love talking to them whenever you get a chance, and most of all you will go to the moon and back just to show them that you love them just about that much. Love can’t be measured obviously,  and it cannot be explained. It’s something that no one can really fully explain how it SHOULD  be cause everyone loves differently.

Some people love by not being affectionate, and that’s okay but just for a little while. To me if you don’t show passion or be affectionate I just feel like the other person in the relationship will eventually find it somewhere else. However, some relationships are just better that way or they just work out, who knows. All I know is that I am like over the top corny and passionate and I truly feel like I have a big soft heart.

I constantly let my husband know that he’s so handsome and he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and he loves it.. He may not show it, but I know he loves it 😉 ahah He purposely does things in front of me so I can tell him how sexy or how funny he is and I personally think it’s so cute when he does.. I’m telling ya we are so CORNY like we’re the couple that will match clothes when we got to Disneyland or something ahaha. YEAH I KNOW HOW DISGUSTING! hah NOT! that’s just how we are and we love it:)

Anyways, I just want to let you guys know that being in love is okay, wanting to get married is okay(under the right circumstances) , I feel like older people now a days look down on marriage and make us young ones feel like it’s horrible. It really isn’t! If you love your partner and he loves you back and not because your pregnant or because you have his baby.. YOU REALLY FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART that you both love each other don’t let ANYTHING OR ANYONE put you down in both of your futures. It’s so simple and everyone makes it so complicated. LOVE IS LOVE.

Finish school or whatever you need to finish and see if both of you feel the same way you did when you started out together. Nothing will break you apart if you both are deeply in love. It’s something special that you will only feel once. I use to think I loved this other guy I dated and when I met my husband or when we started getting serious I should say, I felt like all these happy emotions mixed with all these other emotions and it felt so good like tell this day I feel them and with this other guy I did not feel that way AT ALL. It’s just so amazing when you find your true love, it really is.

Sometimes it takes longer than others to find the right one but the trick is to not search, it’s to just do what your doing and see who comes in and out. You’ll eventually learn who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

I feel like girls want to settle down so young, like they spend all their teen years trying to find the perfect guy and it’s really impossible. Like focus in school and follow your dreams! STOP thinking that you have to be like everyone else. Your yourself and you can do so much by yourself, go see the world, meet new people with different cultures and just have fun. Stop feeling obligated to find your perfect man and have this perfect future.

Yes, I know I got married young but it was my CHOICE I didn’t feel obligated to get with Josh, it wasn’t my DREAM to be married.. things just happened it just felt right and with him I am still going to school and still trying to follow my dreams. Yes it’s harder I’ll tell you that but to me it’ll all be worth it. I’m still trying to find myself and what I want to be for the rest of my life but i’m going through it with my husband and it’s just special to me like I wouldn’t be able to share this with my dad or mom or brothers or cousins they’re all doing their own thing living their own lives.. but my husband is here, he is the one I am sharing these little memories of stress and confusion with and that’s all that really matters to me.

YOU! Follow your dreams and if you found the perfect one or your already married then share it with them don’t feel like you have to change your dreams cause your married or because you have someone that has different ones! You negotiate and communicate about it.. anything is possible you just have to grow some balls and go for what you want no matter how long it takes! LOVE will always be there.

So this is already like 1000 words and I just wanted to share my views on love and dreams.. I just feel like now a days people give up on their dreams so darn quick because of how hard it is or because they have a boyfriend and it’s holding them back.. NO! Your making him hold you back, you are allowing him to do that! so it’s not him, it’s you.

I’m happy to be back and there will be another post up tomorrow ! see y’all tomorrow! GOODNIGHT! I post blogs only through Mon-Fri and if i’m busy friday then obviously I won’t post but i’ll let you know. 😉Featured image

-xoxoxo, thanks for reading!


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