Who Are You Trying To Impress?

Do you ever feel like someone is trying to compete with you? or like they are trying so hard to prove to everyone that they’re better?

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Okay, lets get honest here. I KNOW who is trying to compete with me and there’s a few.. but I don’t hate them for it. I feel honored to be honest, they feel the need to compete with me because they feel like I am doing better then them and well I probably am but I will never throw that in their face.

See, the thing with me and my husband is, we WORK for our stuff and we pray about it. We don’t have mommy and daddy buy us what we need. They have helped us before but not like where they buy us a new car or get us whatever we need. NO! Everything we have is either someone else’s leftovers or we buy it ourselves. I have no problem having someone else’s leftovers, like I’ll do what I can to fix it up or just look on pinterest lol.

People think sh*t gets handed to us, NO! If you haven’t bought your own car and you don’t have more then 2 bills YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT responsibilities and priorities are. You think spoiling your spouse is a priority!? HA! grow up a little and than you will know what priorities are.

Josh and I use to spoil each other so much when we first started dating but than bills came and the things we wanted weren’t materialistic anymore or name branded we just wanted to be together and not spend money anymore, it got boring and it wasn’t smart to buy all this name brand things just because. Sometimes he will buy me name branded stuff but it’s like whatever to me.

Some people have to have name branded stuff to be happy and impress other people that they don’t even like and to me that is so SAD! like why are you doing that to yourself? grow up, get you priorities right and if you don’t have to spend money than don’t. That’s just my opinion.

My mind isn’t on high price things and I don’t only shop at Michael Kors and Charming charlies and Banan Republic or H&M.. even though H&M isn’t expensive, like those aren’t my stores I will be wherever the sale is at. Don’t gloat about where you spend your money it only shows how insecure you are. BE HUMBLE! My husband loves to spend money and he loves buying high quality stuff so maybe he should be reading this but me i’m fine with Marshalls and Ross. Like thats fine and enough for me. If I really want to be fancy then i’ll go to the mall and shop around there but that’s not what’s important to me. Like i rather go shopping for my apartment or husband than for myself. When you grow up things change and so do your priorities. I know like 23-25 year old that do nothing but spend money on themselves and gloat about it. BUT for me I don’t tell them what i’m really thinking I just pray for them honestly.. so god can help them learn to be humble and get smart.

I’m not the person to judge someone and hate them for being shallow and what not. I can still get a long with them and talk to them, it’s not being fake. It’s being a grown up. I don’t let petty stuff like that get to me. Spend your money and gloat about it all you want, at the end of the day your competing with yourself.

Let me tell you a story, so me and my husband been in the process of getting an apartment for like a month and a half and then we finally got it, well this person all of a sudden started saying that I just do things to feel better about myself and that I got the apartment just so I can say that I am better than everyone else. WHICH is so ANNOYING. AND GET THIS! All I had mentioned was that I was so happy we got our apartment and I thank the lord for all the blessings he has given me and my husband. And somehow this person felt like I was targeting him/her. It was amusing to me actually. To me that shows insecurity and jealousy and well now I know that persons true colors and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. I dont hate them for it and I’m not gonna be immature and stop talking to them, I just have to pray and remember not to share information with them about certain things.

My point is don’t do things to impress other, if you just love spending your money like it’s nothing just because than fine go head no one is stopping you but if you do it to impress others, grow up a little. Trust me saving is better than spending 🙂

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okay so now let me explain why I haven’t been writing everyday, I been working a lot and I feel like I should only write when I feel the inspiration to write. I been wanting to for the last couple days but then something will come up and I forget and I’m so sorry that it feels like I have given up on this cause I haven’t and I thank every single one of you for reading!

share, like, or comment. I won’t be able to know who comment unless you give me your name so, you can do it anonymously.

xoxoxo, thank for reading!


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